Car rental conditions

  • You must have a valid license driving
  • The driver must present an original of his passport and provide a valid driving license.
  • Payment is on vehicle delivery (either by Cash or credit card)
  • For safety reasons, a signed print of your bank card will be kept at the beginning of the transaction. The print will be used to compensate for any additional expenses not paid for ie: fuel, extension of car hire duration or other billable services provided.
  • Car rental contracts are drawn in the name of the first driver , who is the sole responsible for the vehicle.
  • The rented vehicle should be driven only by the customer, no other person shall drive the vehicle without our written agreement.
  • The use of the vehicles off- road is strictly prohibited, except for cross-country vehicles.
  • The driver is responsible for the vehicle, all passengers and their belongings during the rental period.
  • All illicit luggage are prohibited and must not be carried inside the vehicle.